The Benefits of Drinking Limu Juice

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It’s important to stay healthy, and most of us hit the gym or try to follow a diet that gives them all the nutrition they need. The one thing that you do need to try out though, is to have Limu juice. Complete with all the nutrients you need, this natural wonder juice can help you ward off diseases, stay healthy and be fitter.

We’re bringing this up here because of the fact that contractors have a tendency to eat fast food all the time. This is sometimes associated with disease such as cancer and diabetes. It’s especially a great product if you’re a bit heavy (fat). Check out the Limu Lean products for that problem.

How Can Limu Juice Help You?

Limu juice is extracted from the seaweed Limu Moui. Limu Moui is a wild plant that grows in the sea waters of Tonga Islands, Fiji in South Pacific Ocean. Limu juice is rich in Fucoidan, the “miracle” ingredient. It is helpful in treating various diseases and disorders.


Limu juice is extremely beneficial for its anti-cancer properties. Apoptosis is a process in which cells in the body commit suicide. It’s a regular affair and every day, 50 to 70 billion cells die in a body. But, Fucoidan targets cancerous cells in the tumor. It instigates the process of apoptosis and hence, it can be used for the treatment of cancer.

Stronger Immunity

Limu Juice strengthens the immunity system. In a study, it was proved that when fucoidan is consumed, the rate of growth of cancerous cells is decreased. This happens because fucoidan creates a stronger defense against diseases. It has an active ingredient Fucose which keeps a check on the viruses and inhibits their growth.

Cardiac Health

Fucoidan makes heart muscles stronger. When our heart muscles are stronger, the risk of heart attacks diminishes significantly. Fucoidan strengthens heart muscles and prevents any heart injury.

Weight Loss

Fucoidan helps in weight loss. In a research study, it was found that consuming fucoidan supplement stimulated lipolysis. Lipolysis is a process in which lipids are broken down in a cell. During this process, fat molecules are converted into carbohydrates. This results in fat loss in the body. Moreover, it inhibits the formation of fats in our body. This helps in weight reduction as well. The Limu Lean products are sold by Limu Juice which can be found at their site.

Lowers Cholesterol

Fucoidan reduces the cholesterol levels in the blood. Low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol clogs the arteries. This restricts the blood flow. Fucoidan promotes the generation of high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol which decreases the concentration of LDL cholesterol.


Consuming Fucoidan regularly decreases the risks of Osteoarthritis. It decreases the joint pain and helps in regaining the mobility. Fucoidan has a low molecular weight which helps in inflammatory suppression. This, in turn, reduces the joint pain and keeps the joints lubricated and agile.


Fucoidan keeps the glucose levels in control. Sugar levels in the blood are controlled by insulin. Fucoidan helps in the production of insulin so that glucose is regulated by the body. This is helpful in preventing Type II diabetes.


Fucoidan has anticoagulant properties which prevent any blood clots in the arteries and veins. If there is a blood clot, probability of heart attack increases. Therefore, taking Fucoidan supplement is useful in preventing any blood clots.

Limu Moui Juice is used for the treatment of skin infections and allergies. Iodine present in Limu Juice helps in the production of thyroid hormone. This is required to boost metabolism and growth of our body. Try to have it in your diet – and it can perfectly complement your workout regimen to give you the results you need.