The Best Ways To Brand Your Business Online

When it comes to ensuring your business is known and recognized, things have changed. It used to be that all you had to do was put up an eye-catching sign to grab any road traffic, and take out some newspaper ads and other basic marketing. That would be plenty, because once you started getting customers, you’d also get a lot of traffic from word of mouth.

These days, so much business is done online that you can’t depend on traditional marketing Even local businesses get a huge amount of their customer base from people who find out about them via Google searches. You just can’t depend on the tools you used to use years ago. You have to figure out how to brand your business online.

But how can you do that? What are some of the best ways to brand your business online? Luckily, it’s not as difficult as you might fear!

1) Schedule Your Promotions

Remember, “promotion” doesn’t just mean an offer or a sale. It may well mean something as simple as pointing out your business exists and that it can serve a need. Promotions can be incredibly basic, or they can be incredibly generous, or somewhere in between.

But what they absolutely have to be is regular. The Internet thrives on constant information. If you aren’t giving people more new content on a regular basis, they begin looking somewhere else. So don’t just update your Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts with boring content that dribbles out day after date. Try to focus on delivering top value whenever you happen to think your business is offering a super special deal. Do it regularly!

2) Use Images!

By now, it’s a well-studied fact that social media updates that have images get more engagement. Images catch people’s attention far more easily than words. When a person is browsing Facebook or Twitter, they see words everywhere. It quickly becomes one big blur of words!

Images help break that up, and that gets people to stop and look. They engage with the post, make comments, or share with their friends and family. And that’s exactly what you want.

Here’s an example of a catchy image…




3) Don’t Just Put Up Links

Links are great. They can get people to engage further with your post, and learn more about your services and products.

However, there’s a tendency to simply post up a link with a bit of an explanation of what it is, and then be done. Don’t do that! Instead, try to engage with your followers. Don’t just post up a link to your menu, ask your followers “What dish do you think we should put on special next week?” Don’t just post up an image of your shop floor, ask “Where should we put the new piece of equipment?” That way, people will actually think and respond!

Ultimately, building your brand online is about creating engagement. It’s not enough to show people things to look at; you have to make them interact with those things. Once they do, they’ll feel a certain connection to your business. That’s when you get customers for life.

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